Saturday, March 3, 2007

Introduction to the Blog

I agree with the opinion of the causal viewer of this blog: the subject appears mundane if not utterly boring. "Why anyone would want to express their views regarding the general activities of the public service is beyond my comprehension." And yet, the complaints and desire for change is an everyday activity both within and outside of its walls. This blog will expand on these complaints to find the root of the problem and constructive offer alternatives or ways to improve the current situation.

I do recognize that this can be a dry subject so I will try to do a number of things to make the blog enjoyable:
  1. Concise - No one wants to read essays on this, so I will do my best to keep all the posts as short as possible.
  2. Entertaining - I will post relevant, entertaining items to "spice it up".
  3. Apolitical - As a student of Political Science, I am annoyed by individuals who form an opinion of an issue based on the political party they support before they even know the details. I consider myself as apolitical of party politics because the public service issue transcends party lines (and because I think they all need a lot of work to be representative of their constituents).
The importance of this institution is as far reaching as it is important to all Canadians. In a business sense, the owner and consumer is the Canadian public because the revenue and products are directly related to every Canadian. If you are not interested how your money can better be used or the services more relevant, you should be!